Supporting Queensland Screenagers make the leap to university: moving from year 12 to first year university research

Concurrent 9: Lightning talks
Wednesday 1 August 2018, 12:20pm-12:45pm


A familiar pathway to university in Queensland is through completion of senior education in a Queensland school. In 2017, 25,603 applications to university were made by Year 12 students to Queensland universities (38.8% of all Queensland university applications). Of these applications 92.1% were made university offers, totalling 41.3% of all Queensland university offers (Department of Education and Training 2017).  

Screenagers have grown up surrounded by multimedia and digital devices in classrooms, are very comfortable with high-technology and small screens, and making choices to use these devices over pens and paper (Yoon, Lee & Lee 2013). Often referred to as Generation Z, Post-Millennials or the iGeneration, these students have truly grown up in a digital-first world (McCahon 2017). Year 12 Queensland screenagers are experienced in navigating curriculum defined school assessment, school research expectations, and school libraries. But how do these experiences stack up against first semester university expectations in assessment and research?

This research analyses Year 12 and first year university assessment to uncover current Year 12 and first year university research expectations. Methodology includes analysis of assessment rubrics and interviews with educators working in Year 12 and first year university environments.

Discussion will focus on how the research results can be utilised by librarians on all sides of the leap to ensure digital and information literacy scaffolding is applied effectively for successful screenager transition to the university research experience. 


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