Building an engagement toolkit: How you can understand your customers, evaluate your programs and services and tell stories of your impact

Facilitated by Dr Kate Davis (University of Southern Queensland), Lyndelle Gunton (University of Southern Queensland), Kathleen Smeaton (University of Queensland)  

Monday 30 July 2018, 9:00am-5:00pm

Room 5
$400 (incl. GST) per ticket

Good services and programs are carefully designed to meet the needs of users and are proactively evaluated to foster continuous improvement. Engagement tools and strategies can help you to understand your users so that you can design products, programs and services that they want and need. These tools and strategies can also be used at the other end of the design lifecycle to help you evaluate your activities, which can help you to build on your successes (and avoid repeating failures!), and help you tell the story of your organisation’s impact.

In this workshop, we will draw from our experience with a range of methodologies to help you build an engagement toolkit. We’ll focus on ways to get to the heart of people’s experiences of information and technology. The toolkit you build will help you to understand your users, their needs, how they experience information and technology, and how they experience your services and programs.

We’ll look at:

  •          Designing strategies that support the development and evaluation of programs, products and services in information organisations.
  •          Strategies for collecting evidence, with a focus on qualitative data. We’ll also look at how you can combine tools to maximize your understanding. Learn how to collect data that provides rich insights into human experience and stories that will help you demonstrate impact.
  •          Strategies for analysing data.
  •          Approaches to reporting your findings.

This will be a highly practical workshop designed specifically for information practitioners. 

Not just supporting research: Information professionals as researchers

Facilitated by Fiona Salisbury (La Trobe University), Dr, Bhuva Narayan (University of Technology Sydney), Dr Ying-Hsang Liu (Charles Sturt University), Dr Diana Hodge (University of South Australia), Janine Schmidt (ALIA Research Advisory Committee) and Nicole Johnston (Edith Cowan University), 

Monday 30 July 2018, 9:00am-5:00pm
Room 7
$400 (incl. GST) per ticket

Practitioner research in library and information science (LIS) builds on the profession's body of knowledge and leads to the continuation and betterment of the profession.  This is supported by LIS education which incorporates research activity and encourages the development of a research culture within the profession ( ALIA, 2017; Nguyen, 2017; Middleton, 2014). This workshop aims to provide an insight into best practices of/rigorous and reliable practitioner research to information professionals aspiring to do research within their own workplace and publish this research. It will also be helpful for library students who wish to strengthen their research knowledge and training including research students and doctoral candidates.


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Readers' Advisory

Facilitated by Diane Velasquez and Diana Hodge (University of South Australia)

Monday 30 July 2018, 8:30am-12:30pm
Room 8
$220 (incl. GST) per ticket

The readers’ advisory workshop will help librarians learn more about young adult and adult RA tools and programming.  It will be an interactive workshop where we will try out our RA interviewing skills on each other, work on RA tools, learn how to set up a one-time or long term book group, and find out what’s the difference between a YA and adult book. Join Diane Velasquez and Diana Hodge for an interesting workshop on all things readers’ advisory.


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Facilitated by Diane Velasquez (University of South Australia) and Jennifer Campbell-Meier (Victoria University of Wellington)

Monday 30 July 2018, 1:00pm-5:00pm
Room 8
$220 (incl. GST) per ticket

Marketing has a bad reputation in library and information centre circles.  Social media marketing is gaining traction in the marketing world and is something libraries and information centres should use as well. This workshop is an opportunity to work on your marketing skills and to improve on getting your library’s message out to your internal and external stakeholders.  What is marketing and how can it help your library to compete in the marketplace either face to face or digitally?  What are some simple assessment and evaluation tools that can determine what can be done to improve your voice in the community?  What will a SWOT analysis do for your marketing? What is a strategic marketing plan? Is your marketing aligned to the vision and mission of your organisation? What social media channels can assist in getting your message out? All of these need to be considered and there are exercises that can be done to help improve the marketing of your library.


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Roar, Leap, Dare, Unleash the power of PD

Facilitated by the ALIA Education team

Monday 30 July 2018, 2pm-4pm
Room 6
Free to registered delegates

Everything you need to know about Professional Development, the ALIA PD Scheme and gaining recognition for your commitment to ongoing learning. Practical help with choosing PD, recording and reflecting on your learning, identifying the best ALIA PD Scheme Specialisation for your career and using the audit Skills checklist. Explore how to get the most out of APLIC!



Breakfast Series Workshop 1
Tuesday 31 July 2018, 7:30am-9:30am
Foyer E
$80 (incl. GST) per ticket

Australian Breakfast Book Buffet
Facilitated by Patricia Genat (ALS Library Services)

Join us for a light breakfast and some wonderful Australian authors reading from their books, talking about their writing challenges and asking us as readers to engage in the delights of the written word. An ALIA first and generously sponsored by our Australian publishing community.

Breakfast Series Workshop 2
Wednesday 1 August 2018, 7:30am-9:30am
Foyer E
$80 (incl. GST) per ticket

Lightbulb improv
Facilitated by Lou Maconachie, Amy Crawford, Merriden Warrall (Lightbulb Improv)

Lightbulb Improv invites conference attendees to participate in a two hour workshop introducing the principles of Improvisation through a series of interactive exercises. The desired outcome is to build participant’s confidence in their ability to react to novel situations and think quickly on their feet. The importance of improvisation skills are being recognised in the corporate world. Many business schools such as Harvard and MIT’s Sloan School of Management are building improvisation into their curriculum.

It may not be obvious when you watch a show like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, but to really work, good improvised theatre (or ‘improv’) relies on certain key principles which are also essential in the workplace. For example: negotiation, status, communicating with purpose, active listening, focus, and effectively reading and responding to non-verbal cues.

This workshop will include an overview of the basic principles of improvisation, discussion on how improvisation can be used in the workplace, and practical examples of how the facilitators have used these skills in their careers. The facilitators will use their experience from the corporate and government sectors to link workshop outcomes to multi-disciplinary skills related to stakeholder management and confidence in presentation.

Breakfast Series Workshop 3
Thursday 2 August 2018, 7:30am-9:30am
Foyer E
$80 (incl. GST) per ticket

Virtual Bacon and Augmented Eggs. Bring Virtual and Augmented Reality to Your Library.
Ellen Thompson, Sarah Howard (Queensland University of Technology)

Virtual and Augmented Reality are emerging technologies that are rapidly appearing in various sectors around the world, such as education, health, entertainment, and retail. Libraries throughout the world are also beginning to explore the use of these technologies and associated resources. Adding Virtual Reality headsets to collections, using 360 video to provide virtual library tours, and providing Augmented Reality scavenger hunts are just some examples.  In this workshop participants will:

  • Be provided with an opportunity to explore the different Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets and the options they may provide for use within a library,
  • Learn how to create a 360 video content, and how to embed additional content to enhance the user experience, and
  • Create augmented objects.

Participants are recommended to bring their own mobile devices, so that they may leave the workshop with content and ideas to take back to their own library.

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